New Slang for Fall

ANNNNNND we’re back! Whaddup my ocho heads? I got 2 weeks to myself before school begins and I’m taking this time to come back to you all. Sorry for the drastically long break since our last post but I’m once again back with y’all :]. It’s turning into fall as we speak: the weather is getting crisp, the smells aren’t so bbq’y, the people aren’t as tan, and the sun not as hot. I love fall and I have some fall music for you right now!! Allow dem ears to open up for that crispness.

Faaaaall-ow me!

1. Time to Run: Lord Huron

Here’s a band that defines fall. They give you that touch of country with a worldly twang. If you don’t remember Lord Huron I’ve blogged about their song “The Stranger” which won a top place in my heart as well as all my housemates. It’s melancholy message haunts me still. This new tune is going to be off their new album “Lonesome Dreams” hopefully coming out in October. Devour this song as well as the fun video.

2.The Limit: Sweater Beats

Producer Antonio Cuno gives us what J. Dilla use to: unimaginary beats and samples coming together for one song. A gorgeous selection with Kanye West’s “Through the Wire” leading it all. Bravo!

3. The Greatest Escape We’ve Made: Wave Machines

Wave Machines remind me of the type of music I’d listen to if I was picking daisies and building a treehouse. They’re so pop-y happy you have to like them. They’re a mixture of Architecture in Helsinki and Of Montreal!

4. Jamaica (Gigamesh Remix): Theme Park

This must be on the mix of the last hoorah of the summer! Too tropical and fun not too. I imagine a big chick just booty-bumping this tall skinny white dude. Perfectly and effortlessly.

5. Licksss: Solice

A mystery producer that produces ultimate sexytime music which is good because I was just updating my GS list ;]. Damn I’m a big fan.

Much love, A!!

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