Welcome welcome to getting drunk off of the most delicious, bubbly, and intoxicating songs you’ve even tried out before. You can either take a shot with the short length songs or enjoy sipping a long tropical drink with it’s little bumps of stronger flavor/sound every now and then!


1. Don’t Forget the Swishers (ft. Dom Kennedy, Carter & Pac-Div): Chip Tha Ripper

This is when you call up the buds and tell them you want to go out but to come over first to play some pong and debate where you’re going. Shooting the shit and taking some shots!

2. Professional Griefers: Deadmau5

And this is when that earlier pregaming makes you go insane. Purely insane.

3. Good to Be a Man: Elle King

This is when the night has come all to you and you’re loving everyone. Friends with you at the bar, faraway friends, family, inlaws, the bartender…everyone! And all you want is to sing together in unison!

4. K LE PASA: DJ Dus aka El Dusty

And you’ve taken another shot and all your want to do it dance. And so you keep dancing. All night. By yourself.

5. Lost Souls: The Extremities

And now it’s when you walk out of the bar wondering where/who you were that night. A long walk home is refreshing.

Drank. Much love, A

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