Move on pumpkin, hello turkey

As we come into the November early night skies and the end of the possible Indian summer I’m beginning to accept the crisp air flowing into my nostrils through my body and out again to warm air. But what I like better than just the crisp air is the sunshine prevailing through the doubtable assumptions it won’t warm it’s way through these harsh clouds. Magically it does.

The sun till prevails!

1. salty air: J.Viewz

Breathe in and breathe out, ya feel that? That be that sea air! Well it may be all the salt in that gravy, stuffing, greens, cornbread…pie, margaritas…okay it’s sea air I promise! J.Viewz gives us a cool and collected tune!

2. Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst: Kendrick Lamar

[This youtube version is speeded up a little and off-tune]
I saw Kendrick Lamar last week in Berkeley for a free show and album signing and he performed 2 songs from his new album and although he didn’t perform this beaut it’s still my favorite off the album. If you haven’t checked out “good kid, m.A.A.d city” I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO. At first listen you may be like “what’s with all this dialogue and back sound effects in the songs”? I can tell you that I read a whole script of the whole narration and stories behind each song and I fully understood every single dialogue, character and how they someone were important to bring Kendrick to where he is now as a rapper and a person. In this song he features verses spoken by the narrative of Dave’s brother (Kendrick’s friend) and the sister of Keisha (Keisha’s song in Section 80). Gorgeous gorgeous album.

3. Low Tide of the Night: Everything But The Girl

Mhm, crack up a bottle of wine, shake out the polar bear rug, and toast to good cranberry sauce! This song takes you to a sentimental set of mind everyone needs sometimes.

4. You’re So (Star Slinger Refix): Bondax

I’m a huge huge huge fan of UK dubstep. That garage feeling, underground, no lights but maybe a few christmas lights sound. And that’s what Bondax delivers. But to spruce it up a little more Star Slinger added his signature sample glitches for the ultimate tune!

5. Lying Together: French Kiwi Juice (FKJ)

Once again a great glitchy-pop song. That tune that gets you wishing you knew what sample was being used so you can somewhat sing along, but in the end you’re just happy with a damn good song.

Much love,


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