And here we are. 2013.


I honestly can’t believe that it’s been 2 months since I last posted. Or that it’s 2013. Or that it’s been since 2012 since I posted. Or that we are in a new year. Wow. Sadly, I sometimes still write 05 on my papers…I don’t know where my mind is wandering to with that BUT I finally have a little downtime and an excitement to post and give y’all some new favs. Ranging from pure rock to experimental we got your cup always full. It may be that in approximately 3 months the day comes where I am legally able to become shmammered that I’m feeling festive today soooooo enjoy!

The cherry to your mimosa

1) La Samaria (ft. Mamacita): Auntie Flo

A beautiful blend of flavorful worldly drums and an upbeat house feel. The woman’s voice just puts the smooth vanilla icing on top.

2) I’ll Stay With You: New Order
New Order always seems to have the right sound for you to instantly connect with. Those guitar solos and heartbroken voice kills me every time, every song.

3) Lost Ya: BoomBox

Gives you that funk and that ride.

4) Phone Sex (Lemonade Remix): Blood Diamonds

Mhm, that chill and very easy background sound to a high simple chick’s voice. Done.

5) MTN AND TUNE (Wallpaper Remix): Trails and Ways

I love the original and this remix just made me love it more. Gave me excitement and a reason to dance a little…okay a lot.

Much love,

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