It’s been 7 months

It’s certainly been a very long time since I’ve made a post on here and I’m not particularly sad about that. I’ve lost touch with recent songs in the past few months because a lot of them weren’t ones I felt anything too. And if I wasn’t feeling them then I wasn’t about to post them.

I’ve been debating recently about deleting this blog since I haven’t posted in awhile and become busier with life in general, but the thought aches my heart. On Aug 24, 2013, I will have had this blog for 3 years and the amount that has changed since then is tremendous. I started this blog alone, had two friends join me, had those two friends stop, and continued this blog by myself. I’ve had random people at my college tell me they love this blog and I’ve had no views on a post numerous times. It was a learning process.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is my love for that new, intriguing music. But that being said I have to say I still continuously listen to the music I found 3 years ago because it continually beats anything I’ve found since then. Not sure if I’m bias because those songs I found 3 years ago accompanied me as I transition into college and now I’m going to be a senior so reminiscing back on those times happens often.

This song still follows me everywhere. It’s what is making me decide if I want to continue with this blog. For the people that still enjoy it and want some good music every now and then. We’ll see soon.

Much love, A

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